Read what industry executives have to say about digital watermarking:


"Intellectual property rights lay at the very heart of our industry's economic health. The new world of digital media offers many exciting and unprecedented ways to deliver our branded content to a worldwide consumer base. At the same time, however, the threat of digital piracy undermines those very opportunities. We welcome the formation of the DWA as an advocate for a key technology in the fight against content theft."

Robert Pisano, President


"Reuters Television uses digital watermarking technology as a media intelligence tool to monitor and track usage of our news video, allowing us to understand which specific stories are most important to broadcasters. We rely on this service to improve our marketing efforts by better understanding the needs of our clients, resulting in increased efficiency and ultimately, a better service to our subscribers."

Tony Donovan, Managing Director
Reuters Television


"Content protection is perhaps the biggest challenge facing the motion picture industry. As content distribution channels continue to grow and multiply, the need to protect that content grows as well. Digital watermarking is an important element in the anti-piracy toolkit. I welcome the DWA's efforts in promoting this technology."

Mark Christiansen, Executive Vice President, Operations
Paramount Pictures